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    iPad vs. EVO Shift

    smudgeyjoe Newbie

      I just wanted to see what the techies migh have to say.  I have Slingplayer Mobile for iPad on my iPad, and Slingplayer Mobile for Android on my EVO Shift. They both use the same wireless network away from home, Sprint Overdrive 3G-4G.  My question is with certain factors being equal, what is the reason that when watching the same sporting event on the same network, the iPad stutters every 15 seconds, ball in the air, 1 second delay before it comes down.  This happens over and over every 30-45 sec.  On the EVO Shift, there are no pauses or stutters.  It would seem that the only difference might be processing speed, either the main processor, or the video chip.   What do you think?