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    SlingCatcher sometimes looses connectivity during streaming


      I've had my Sling Catcher since the day it was released. It's has served me well and I cannot see mysel living without it..


      The Slingcatcher is hooked up to a to a 8 port switch, which itself is connected to my main router (Netgear WNDR3700) via a powerline bridge. My internet is 25 Meg down/ 7 Meg up)


      I regurlarly connect to a slingbox in another country which gives me speeds of around 4000 Kbps. The connection is very smooth and consistant.


      The Issue I have is once in a while, after streaming for about 10-15 mins, the picture will just freeze and never recover. When I go back to the main screen, it shows me disconnected from the internet, but my local slingboxes show up fine. My Network light sometimes goes out as well. After a few minutes, it reconnects back the internet and I can see all my remote Slingboxes and I can resume streaming again (need to reconnect).


      I am trying to figure out if the issue is caused by overheating, my remote Slingbox, something on my network or something else...


      Any thoughts?

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            Hi Slingbox,


            I also find the same problem as wysiwyg. I connect the slingcather to a 4-port hub, & ethernet over power to my router.

            I already do the resetting by pressing the reset button for 10 sec. But the video still be freezed after watching around 1 mins or 2 mins.

            and the4 network lights will goes off. and then the picture freeze, but the opt button still works. After 30 seconds (approx.), the video goes on.

            I don't know why it happens. Can you teach me how to solve the problem? FYI, I already replace the power adaptor with 5V / 4.0A output.


            Please help!!!


            Many thanks!



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            callanish Apprentice

            I can relate to you with what you are experiencing since my slingbox is also in another country. My slingcatcher is also connected to an ethernet switch. Most of the time, the slingcatcher streams fine. Once in a while, the screen will freeze and the network light will go out on the slingcatcher. Taking out the Ethernet connection from the slingcatcher and putting it back in allows me to re-connect to the slingbox immediately. My Roku HD netflix box is also connected to the switch, but never loses the network connection or freezes. I originally thought the whole problem might have something to do with my VOIP phone system which is also connected to the switch, but that's still up in the air. It's not heat related as I have a fan directly aimed at the slingcatcher and it is also elevated for air flow. Also, I purchased a second slingcatcher as a backup for the first one and it also experiences the same network issue once in a while. Frankly, the problem doesn't happen a lot, so I've learned to live with it, but there's something definitely going on. It could have something to do with how the catcher interacts with the switch, because I've never experienced this freezing issue using the slingplayer or the iphone app; only through the slingcatcher.

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                Had this same problem, plus the regular stuttering and freezing (stream buffering). Since a month I noticed that sometimes there were no problems, this always coincided with other computers in the house where the upstreaming Slingbox is  off the Net. Then I read on an internet provider related forum that upstreaming of any kind could be affected by other computer activity on the internet, so while the maximum available upstream  is still there, some is eaten away and the streaming is disturbed. I decided to put off everything except the Slingbox when I go to my second house and sapristi! all problems solved, uninterrupted streaming.... (maximum net upstreaming of 734 kbp/s gives constant 640X480 picture, before I could only get 640X280 with problems, streamingvarying between 716 and 360, dropping to zero now and then