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    Android 2.2 - SlingPlayer Mobile Does NOT exist in market!




      Previously when my phone was on Android 2.1 I had paid for SlingPlayer Mobile - after upgrading and

      wiping the phone the application does not appear on the market. Thus, I am out the ~$30 spent for this



      From reading other posts - it seems like many others here are in the same situation.


      When is Sling Media going to do the right thing for its customers and address this issue? Over

      half of Android users are now on 2.2!


      The website specifically says that the application works on "all Android versions"


      Assuming that the application was not built with some APIs that are now deprecated under 2.2 this

      is really an easy fix - recompile the application under 2.2 and list in the manifest the appropriate

      values for uses-sdk:


      <uses-sdk android:minSdkVersion="integer" 
                android:maxSdkVersion="integer" />

      And make the appropriate changes to versions when uploading into the market to ensure that
      it shows up for users with 2.2.