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    Pro HD Connected, but only blank, black screen


      i have used slingbox for 5-6 years...i am from the US but live in Moscow...in August, i replaced my slingbox with a slingbox Pro HD...it worked fine for 6 months...this morning, when i launched slingbox both through the software as well as through the internet on my computer, iPad and iPhone, the screen flashed and then went completely blank or black...it is connected, but the video is impaired...i confirmed that i have al the latest updates...is this a common problem...any idea how to fix it?

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          i have the same problem!!!

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            Me too PRO-HD worked for about a year.  I had it connected via RGB w/digital audio - then all of a sudden it stopped.  Audio still works but no video - it tells me weak on no video stream yet I have set the output from Cable box to 720 (It was working fine with 1080i).  I have recabled that to SVHS and Composite - SVHS showed a scrambled screen, the RGB showed 4-scrambled images - but now nothing.  I updated the latest software but still nada

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              Well, put me down as having the same problem.  I have the following equipment:

              Slingbox Pro HD

              Tivo Premiere XL

              desktop Mac computer



              The connection from Tivo to Slingbox is via composite cables.


              Since I recently switched from Replay DVR to Tivo, I'm not sure when my Sling problem developed.  I'm not sure I ever used it successfully after installing the Tivo with Comcast cablecard.  I get the "weak or no video signal" message on all of my devices - mac, iPad, iPhone - whichever one I try.  The audio works fine!  I've tested the cables, I've insured that the HD TV output is set to 1080p, I've even disconnected the HDMI cable from the Tivo to the TV. Nothing works.  Oh, and the old Replay DVR, which I'm still running off programs, works fine on the Slingbox - pic and audio.


                It is SO annoying that Sling will provide NO tech support for free.  Hopefully somebody has a solution?

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                  I just got this HD Pro setup because I had to run cat 5 cable from the 2nd floor to the basement and I get no video on the coaxial input, using a Directv DVR.  The remote works fine even though its for a R15 vs. R16.  Of course support has expired.  The video looks fine on my TV passing thru the slingbox but nothing on the PC.   This is not even 1080i of 1080p, just composite video on the coax connector.

                  Your 1080P won't work because the manual indicates it only supports up to 1080i.

                  Any ideas?

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                  Hi dilena,


                  You can check the following links to troubleshoot that issue that you're having.


                  Watch on Slingbox.com plays audio but no video