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    I'm just not getting it!


      Are there any instructions anywhere? I've used Slingplayer Mobile since it first came out, and just installed the upgrade because I was no longer able to connect. My phone says it's connected, but all I can see are the controls. And If I touch anything, trying to get to a picture or sound, the screen goes black and at that point I have to remove the battery from the phone in order to use the phone at all. If I just leave it after about 5 minutes it says I've been disconnected, but if I try to reconnect it says there is another authorized sling user and asked if I want to disconnect that user. There is no other user and never has been.


      Anyway, I'm totally confused by this software - and am feeling like a complete idiot. -

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          Hi, sheureka


          As the first step, we recommend you to uninstall the SlingPlayer Mobile application and reinstall it one more time. Then, verify if your Slingbox is properly set for Internet Viewing.


          This link will allow you to get all the information about the SlingPlayer Mobile software for older Windows Mobile Phones.  


          Getting Started