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    Bug in Android Slingplayer when Streaming Video FROM Roku


      Hi - I have Slingbox Pro-HD (SB300) that streams video FROM a ROKU (be careful:  this is NOT a stream to a Roku).  The remote IR codes work perfectly and I am able to control my Roku from any devices (PC, Ipad).  The problems come when using the Android Slingplayer app on my mobile phone (Samsung S7).  When I open the remote on this app,  the only remote commands available are "Home" and "Back".  There is no way to send an "Ok" signal.  The other critical need would be to control the directional arrows (Up, Down, Left, Right).  This not a problem in the PC and Ipad apps, where the picture of the actual remote shows up and all these commands are available.  But in the Android Slingplayer, there is something buggy.  The only thing I can do is to wake-up the device using the "Home" command, and that's it.  Then I am stuck with no way to launch any app.  All I will need would be the following commands: Home, Back, Ok, Left, Right, Up, Down.  Please see my screenshots below.  Can you please either fix it, or tell me if I am doing something wrong?





      1) If I select the directional cross, no controls appear.  I would expect to see the controls on the sides of the screen, but they don't appear