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    Service is closed?

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      I am having problems w/ Slingbox Service, and this seems to be the only place to get a response. I have been using Slingbox for over 10 years, and currently have a Slingbox 500 I bought in Jan 2015, so it is out of service warrantee. I recently moved and got a new Internet router with a new password attached to it. The password contains the character "#", and my Slingbox does not recognize that symbol when trying to log in my new Internet gateway. Odd enough, it seems the Slingbox search function does not support the character either, as when I search the site's db, I get a system error that indicates there is are zero characters in the search. This is the only character on the !@# keyboard row with which this occurs. 

      SO I called for a service response, full willing to spend the $29.99 to get this answered. No luck here as the phone message says they are closed and call back between 5am and 10pm EST. I have been calling during those times and get the same answer.


      Anybody out there have a hint on how to get a solution?