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    M2 and Xbox 360 remote not working, pt2


      When I reply to the existing thread I get:


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      Does anybody know what causes this?  I've tried logging our and in again, but it seems persistent.


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      Yes, of course I searched.  There are many Xbox threads about using one as a Slingplayer, that is not my application.


      There are several, back in 2013 talking about how sad it was that there was no suitable remote, but the HP remote is (I presume) the solution to those threads.  It was easy to find and looks like a perfect match.


      I've gone through the "Getting IR to work" instructions, and I mentioned that I'm using the allegedly "optional" IR blaster.


      None of those things help.  Are there users of this remote that have been successful?  The system seems completely un-adjustable, from what I've been able to find.  Is there a way to train a new remote?  I don't have any other options, but it's not for a lack of trying the obvious.