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    Video Edit Slingbox HD Material?


      I'm trying to assess whether Slingbox is a good choice for an application that requires editing HD broadcast TV material from out of the market.


      Can I use a Slingbox to get video from a distant DDR (like Tivo) and then save it on my Mac as a file, in a format that Final Cut Pro can open?


      Thanks, CHris

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          Hi, chrislee100


          Even though the Slingbox allows you to stream the TV signal out to the Internet, it does not have recording capabilities. You can record your favorites TV shows only if you hook it up to a supported DVR.


          If you computer runs any software to save and edit the TV material, you can accomplish this task. 


          This link will provide you with all the information you must know about the Slingbox.


          Slingbox PRO HD Overview