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    Slingbox connection issues when connect directly to a bridged modem/switch and assigned a public IP.


      I have a nightmare setting up my slingbox as I try to do this from Taiwan in my brothers home in sweden. I can't get the internet viewing working


      After 1 weekend of trial and error I just found out that what I thought was a router that the ISP has provided is actually just a modem/switch (live in sweden and using BBB). When I connect my slingbox Pro HD to it directly it assigns a public IP to the slingbox (85.229...). The slingbox works OK at home but internet viewing doesn't work.


      So for the moment I don't have a router and the slingbox is connected directly to the modem/switch. My ISP says all ports is already opened so this shouldn't be the issue. Should this setup work or do I have to get a router and connect it between my modem/switch and my slingbox to make it work?


      Happy for all suggestions? also if my slingbox has an assigned internet IP should I be able to ping it from a public computer?


      Please let me know if anyone needs any more information about my problem to be able to help me.