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    Hours Wasted. Nothing working


      I'm really lost as to what to do other than take this Slingbox Pro HD back to the store.


      - Apple TV on Composite - it says there is no signal

      - Standard coax cable TV input. Nothing will tune on it


      Sifting through forums, setup help etc etc .... exhausting. Why is there no proper technical support from Sling? How do you call them?


      I purchased the unit in the US but am using it in Asia. Is it an NTCS / PAL incompatibility thing? No idea. No information.

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          hmiller Newbie



          if you need to contact sling, there is a contact support link on the bottom right of most pages on the support site. but i doubt there would be a local number for you.


          with the apple tv, do you have it connected via hdmi to your tv? i believe that the first gen apple tvs disabled the analog outputs (the component) when it was plugged in to your tv via hdmi. so it wouldn't get a picture.


          where in asia? that would help with the pal/ntsc question.

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              jjimedstein Newbie

              When you are remote streaming from the USA to asia it makes not difference if the input is NTSC or PAL as you are streaming to your PC where the output is from your graphics card.


              It only matters if the source input is PAL and you bought an NTSC Slingbox.  It will run but picture not as good as having a PAL Slingbox.


              One of the problems I face living in Asia is that most satellites are PAL but some have NTSC.


              What service are you using the sling on?  If you have a PAL cable TV RF conenction the slingbox cannot tune those channels in if they are PAL as the frequencies are different to the tuner in the slingbox.

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                  Hi. I am streaming from my home in China. The source input is a PAL signal. The Slingbox was purchased in the US. Neither the Slingbox nor the documentation made any reference to compatibility issues (eg I also purchased an eyeTV in the US to use here in China ... no issues at all). The Slingbox won't tune any stations in at all. Not sure why not unless it is the NTSC-PAL issue. Even then it is strange since there is no documentation relating to this at all with the box.

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                  Hi yes, the Apple TV is connected both via HDMI and component video. I suspected that perhaps the Apple TV will use only one output so I ran it via the amplifier and split the component out from there. Still no success. Kind of surprising that the Slingbox doesn't have HDMI. Would have solved all the issues.


                  I am located in China where PAL is the standard. The slingbox is here in China with me. The signal over the cable (no decoder required) contains a PAL signal.

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                      jjimedstein Newbie

                      OK I would return the slingbox. You can buy a PAL slingbox in Hong Kong.


                      By the way the upload in CHina is very slow. So you plan to stream local Chinese cable TV to elsewhere?


                      If in your onw home on lan then thats fine.  But most internet upload on  adsl is only 256k or 512k and thats not very much.

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                          What a nightmare. I have to now try and sort out a return in the US from here then I have to sort out purchasing a new one form Hong Kong and pay import duty etc. Can you please have the documentation and packaging on your products updated to help customers like myself avoid such situations in future?


                          In terms of bandwidth. Yes presently I only have 2MB ADSL however China is upgrading. In 3 months I am getting fibre-optic to the home with 100mb symmetrical metro-ethernet. Shanghai is rolling this out in 2011 and will have it completed to its 20 million residents this year. Other cities are following suit. I'd say that within 3-5 years, all Chinese major cities will all be at the same standard as Japan or Korea.

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                              jjimedstein Newbie

                              You have 2mb down not UP.  A huge difference.  A 2mb line in China refers only to the download speed not the upload.


                              I very much doubt that 20 million people in Shanghai will have 100mb up down anytime soon.

                              I am in Shanghai every several weeks, and have only met a few people with the test of the Fiber to the home.


                              It certainly isnt 100mb more like 10mb down, 2mb up.


                              I run a hosting service streaming content to all parts of the world including China. Being in Taiwan gives me very good speeds into China.


                              100mb up down is really a pipe dream, even most of Korea and Japan do not have this, its available for a few areas yes but not the whole population.


                              Anyway it's not really slings fault if you bought a product for the US market and it doesn't work in China.

                              They don't sell slings in China because they are illegal to install in China. Thats why you need to buy one in Hong Kong and bring it in illegally.


                              As we say Welcome to China lol