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    Slow connection although tests show bandwidth is high enough...


      Slingbox set up in Israel, I am in South Africa

      ISP package in Israel is 10Mb down 0.8MB up - Upload speed test from IL to SA on Speedtest.net showed 0.6MB/sec

      ISP package in SA is 4MB down 0.4MB up - Download speed test from IL to SA showed over 3.0MB/sec


      I constantly get 90-100Kbps and the resulting video is terrible.

      All I am asking for is 400kbps to have a decent quality... is this too much to ask?


      Any ideas?



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          Hi andif,  this article may help you have an idea about possible reasons for this issue.


          Remote Viewing Picture Quality: Some common reasons for poor picture quality

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              Hi Raphael



              My Upload speed is 800Kbps - speed tests between Israel and SA show upload rates of over 600Kbps each time


              On my side, download speeds are more than sufficient with speed tests @ over 3Mbps always. I often download large files and get 184-200 Kpbs

              You tube works great - as do other streaming sites - Mako for instance.


              No VPN or Proxy enabled


              Nothing else downloading in the background


              Fixed line to ADSL - so no wifi issues


              Basically I have done all the troubleshooting and a lot more.


              I have removed or isolated by turning off all other (1 PC) on the upload side. There is one last test I have not tried from the upload side... Disable the wireless router completely - maybe there is someone using our internet without us being aware of it...? I doubt it though.


              I did get over 400Kbps one of the first times that I connected for a few minutes.


              The other day a friend suggested I install the Slingplayer and immediately after installing it, I got a great stream at 400 - 600kbps, the first time I used it. Since then I have not been able to get anything above the 90Kbps...

              I have tried firefox, as it was suggested that it might improve my reception.


              I suspect my ISP filters these 1 time connections and then set QoS limits on the incoming port... is there someway I can trick my ISP so they can't read / see / sense what I am doing or how much bandwidth I am utilising. I have a big brother feeling and have heard from friends that they have had similar issues until changing to a new ISP that provided firbre connections to the house... Problem is they cost almost $500 a month!!!





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              I am having similar issues. Speedtest says the connection is 1.8Mbps but it streams only uptill 480Kbps.

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                I have the same problem - just keeps geting worse.  For the first 1 1/2 years in Germany all worked fine. - using SlingCatcher we would watch TV in our living room. What a grand concept - or so it seemed at the time.   This last year has been a nightmare - the streaming got so bad they told us we had to buy a new SlingCatcher - so we did.  Still so bad we couldn't watch it so just moved our Laptop PC into the living room.  That worked for a few months - then quality on the Laptop became very bad.  We moved the PC back into the office next to the router - OK again for a couple of months.  Now we can't watch anything.  We have tried hard wireing the Laptop - no change.  The quality is so bad - stops and starts - poor picture - next to no sound, etc.you just can't wqtch anything.  Live or recorded.  I have tried changing the options - nothing works.  My test speed is 14.1 mbps dounload and .95 upload.  Ping is 44 ms.I checked and I have the latest software.


                So - if there have been over 800 people looking at this thread I can only assume a lot of people are having this problem.  Has anyone had any help from SlingBox? I tried to go to their "help" links on-line but got an error message for both the US and England (need to have an english speaking tech)

                They seem to want to pretend there are no problems. I used to recomend this porduct to anyone moving overseas - now I don't and advise people not to invest the money - I'm not the only one now having this problem in Munich.


                I don't know what was done to screw it up but they shot themselves in the foot it seems.  Time to find a new product other than SlingBox - any suggestions?


                Anybody got a suggestiojn I will give it a try.