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    SKYQ - Cannot watch through Web Portal

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      Hi Guys,


      I have managed to configure my legacy slingbox to work with SKYQ, thanks to the stirling work and advice from the guys here.


      However as mine is a Slingbox Pro it is a legacy device.  So when i try yo configure the device i get an error message to utilse a desktop app - which i have successfully done.


      Through this i have the remote working, and can see the device but only through this.desktop app.


      As soon as i go any further down the config, i get stuck in a loop.  I get to the point where i am setting up internet viewing and it asks me what device do i want to use - i cannot choose any as mine is a legacy device.


      I then have the option, to skip or manually configure


      I have tried both - skip tells me i cannot view until I setup


      And the second tells me to set up port forwarding, i have done this, port 5001 and set for udp and tcp transfers.


      once i text i get spun round to the same point.


      If i try to watch online it tells me i have to setup my device using the desktop app.  I have been stuck in this loop for a while


      I have the new router for Sky Q


      Anyone any advice