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    Connection Failure during setup


      Is it me or is my SLINGBOX PRO faulty.????


      Just purchased a Slingbox pro and as instructed have installed the plugin to regiister and get started etc.


      Sadly It is just not working at all.


      I get to the first page of the setup OK when it says Congratulations we have located your slingbox. OK

      Screen 2 Confirms and asks me to check connection of ir and name and type of set top box OK

      Screen 3 error message "Connections to your slingbox have been disabled" RETRY


      So I keep retrying and no joy.


      I have checked all my kit and switched off several times, checked all updated software both on Firfox and Safari and I am running all latest OSX software (Snow Leopard etc) and still nothing




      IS it something I am missing???


      Please help as this is getting very frustrating and I am about to return the unit to the store for a full 14 day refund.


      Thanks in advance for your help. SOMEONE!