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    Streaming Fluctuations


      I have a Slinbox PRO-HD, wired through a 8 port gigabit switch, then to a D-Link DIR-655 router.  While watching locally on my home network I experience great streaming rates to 8,000 Kbps plus.  But they don't maintain, instead constantly cycling where the stream drops down to next-to-nothing, then freezes up, then starts to improve and make it's way back up to around 8,000 Kbps.  I would say the cycle time between freeze-ups may be something like 1-3 minutes; constant!  Whether watching my COAX or Component input, the problem is the same.  Nothing else is going on here at home to help explain why the stream should/might be dropping, or changing so dramatically.  The wireless router and switches are new, but the problem existed even before recently installing this new equipment.  I was hoping the new hardware might address the issue, but it hasn't.  It's quite frustrating, to the point it makes me not want to even bother watching it, believe it or not.  Too distracting.


      Anybody have any ideas as to what I can do to help eliminate my issue?

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          I am interested in hearing more about this, especially any solutions.  My brother hosts my Pro HD in Colorado.  We see the same thing with fluctuating streaming.  Over here in Japan where I watch my SB, I sometimes get over 2300Kbps and at other times it's down as low as 50.  This is crazy.  Tonight it is steady at a whopping 125.  I don't get it.  When it streams at 2300Kbps, the picture is fantastic.  Unfortunately I don't get that very often.  I have changed routers, bought a dedicated Dell Zino with HD video card and HDMI connection, and use the "Watch" plugin.  This is crazy.

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            I also have streaming problems with my Pro HD. The stream is fine at 7000 to 8000 but the picture is freezing and restarting constantly on my home network. I have tried it again through my home network on my ipad and it is fine so it cannot be any network problem. I am using turbo as wireless connection and all that seems fine.


            Any ideas or advice would be great.



            Many thanks

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              Hi ericjoneson, check the requirements for the Slingbox PRO HD, here is some more information about this issue.


              Remote Viewing Picture Quality: Some common reasons for poor picture quality


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                  None of the suggestions are the cause of my problem and none of them address my problem.  The problems continue which makes the Slingbox a less than satisfactory product for me.  Frustrating and disappointing after spending that money.  Because of this I'm less inclined to use the product, and thus less inclined to recommend the product.