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    Can the slingbox pro be used as a substitute for slingcatcher?


      I  currently have a slingbox pro that is connected to my cable box in my  main living room.  It works great.  I have a second TV in another room  with no ethernet jacks of any type of internet connection.


      I  was curious to see if I purchase a new Slingbox Pro HD  and connect that to my main living room cable box and then connect my  old slingbox pro to my second TV via a wireless bridge like an airport  express, will I be able to stream the content from my cable box in the  main living room to my second TV?  In other words, can my old slingbox  pro act as a slingcatcher when connected to a wireless bridge?


      If so, are there any special configurations that need to made to my existing sling player or is it pretty much plug and play?

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          dbsguy Apprentice

          Nope; not possible.


          A slingbox of any variety (classic, tuner, a/v, pro solo, or even the pro hd) is an input connection device and is not capable of distributing the signal being inputted to another straight TV. there used to be a product they sold called the sling catcher that did exactly wehat your wanting to do; however they have since discontinued that product.


          You can however do the following:

          In the secondary tv location you can hook up a laptop or desktop computer to the tv/monitor if your computer has some type of video output connection (s-vhs, composite, dvi or hdmi). The computer of course would also have to have some sort connection to the router. since you stated you have no ethernet jack in that room you would either have to connect wirelessly or use a slinglink (powerline adapter set) to make connection.