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    Can the slingbox pro be used as a substitute for slingcatcher?


      I currently have a slingbox pro that is connected to my cable box in my main living room.  It works great.  I have a second TV in another room with no ethernet jacks of any type of internet connection.


      I was curious to see if I purchase a new Slingbox SOLO or Slingbox Pro HD and connect that to my main living room cable box and then connect my old slingbox pro to my second TV via a wireless bridge like an airport express, will I be able to stream the content from my cable box in the main living room to my second TV?  In other words, can my old slingbox pro act as a slingcatcher when connected to a wireless bridge?


      If so, are there any special configurations that need to made to my existing sling player or is it pretty much plug and play?