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    do not get the maximum upload pseed on my slingbox HD


      hi Guys

      i have a slingbox pro HD in israel and i am in NY (USA) i am able to log in with logme in to a local computer (laptop) where the slingbox located

      i have a provider called HOT (www.hot.net.il) and i have 12MB download over 1MB upload, and for the last 2 months i was getting the full 1MB upload when i was loging into my slingbox pro HD from NY to israel and everything was fine,

      The Last 2 weeks my upload speed on my slingbox droped down to 650-700 KB and when i do  a speed check (over logmein me in israel where the sling box is located) i get the full 1MB upload but here when i try to log in to my slingbox from NY i get only 650-700KB

      i already reboot the router (in israel)


      please if anyone have any idea on why its happening i would apprciate it alot


      Thank You