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    No Link Activity Lights - Slinglink Original


      I have the Slinglink original connection - the small boxes about the size of a cigarette box and I don't think they are working.  I can't get a network connection with my new Slingbox PRO-HD so I went thru the Slinglink tests from the forum posts.  I can't plug 2 of them into the same exact outlet due to size - they won't fit, but I can plug them into 2 separate outlets in the same room - very near each other (4 feet roughly).  When I do that, I get the power light glowing blue on both units but not the 'link activity' light.  So I'm thinking that tells me the units are not functional.  Does that seem like a valid test for these units?  If so, and I have no link activity between them - what next?  Are they useless and I need to get a new Slinglink Turbo unit or is there hope to do something else to get them working - what are the next steps could I try.  I thought may be there'd be some reset switch on them but that doesn't appear to be the case.  Any thoughts are appreciated......