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    Slow Streaming Bit Rate


      Hello, I have the same problems as sooo many seem to have, but I never seem to find a common answer or one that actually works for me.


      Here is my problem in more detail:


      I have a 10Mb upload in Holland and a 4 Mb download in Qatar.
      The MAXIMUM streaming bitrate is around 380, giving me an awful picture.
      This has been going on from almost the beginning  when I had a max bitrate of around 700 (10-2010) when I installed the Slingbox Pro in Holland with then an upload of 3 Mb, which I upgraded to 100Mb down/10Mb Uploadin the hope to get a better picture quality.
      However since the upgrade to 10MB upload (December) the streaming bit rate has gone down?!?!?!
      Can someone please tell me what I can do.


      Thank you!