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    SOLVED: iPad and iPhone not working with 3g




      I just looked around and I did one thing that solved mye problem.


      A guy told me that i had to update my slingbox solo, but I had done that before trough slingplayer.


      Just to be sure I went into : http://setup.slingbox.com/


      Log in top right corner


      From there i did as follow:


      1. Click get started

      2. Install the plugin if you dont have it

      3. Click on your slingbox

      4. Click on Set up Internet viewing

      5. After it is finished just click next and you are done


      Now try to watch tv with a iPhone with 3g or iPad with 3g


      Works for me!!!!!


      Let me know if it worked for you.

        • Re: SOLVED: iPad and iPhone not working with 3g

          This is what support said


          Rune Eriksen: But Support, why did it not work when i did the upgrade when i bought it and used slingplayer for pc ?
          20:44 Rune Eriksen: why did it then work when i used setup.slingmedia
          20:44  Rune Eriksen: i only went trought the Setup Internet Viewing on  setup.slingmedia because it was already with the correct update on the  slingbox
          20:45 Support:  The faact is that the slingplayer desktop  will be phased out when the watch.slingbox.com and setup.slingbox.com  are ready and supporting all the functions
          20:46 Rune Eriksen: ok, so  the problem is that i used slingplayer for pc to do the update and the  setup Internet viewing? I should have done it trough setup.slingbox.com  from the start?
          20:47 Support: Yes you are right,
          20:48 Rune Eriksen: how should i have known that???
          20:48 Rune Eriksen: :-)
          20:48 Support: That's why we are here as support.
          20:48 Rune Eriksen: lol, shall i spread the word?
          20:48 Support: That would be great.