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    error code w202



      can't connect to my slingbox pro hd when i  am away from home getting  error code W 202

      everything work  fine when i am home

      but not away

      connection in my hotel is high speed using modem cable

      all my program like messenger,firefox,skype everything work  A-1

      but can't connect to my slingbox pro hd

      firewall is off

      what could be the reason



      bonjour a tous

      je suis pas capable de me connecte  sur mon slingbox hd quand je suis  a l' exterieur

      de la maison  pour tant j' utilise une connection haute vitesse

      je recois erreur code W 202

      le firewall de mon ordinateur est  a off

      tous les autres programme fonctionne normalement



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          Hi Renald,


          Use the following links in order to get a guide on how to enable the Internet Viewing manually on your Slingbox, there for you will be able to watch it away from home.


          Slingbox Network Setup Assistant


          Port Forward


          Best regards.

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              This is a poor answer, frstly it assumes that you are not away from home a long time and secondly i get this error sometimes and other times slingbox works fine away from home so it is definatly not a problem with the configeration I have spent the last 6 months in australia ,indonesia and india and i have noticed that in somebodies home the slingbox works fine most of the times but in hotels airports and log on internet providers i get error w202 ,In India i inquired and they are shapping the broadband to exclude the use of slingbox because it gobbles up data volume at an enormous rate and i can only assume that this is happening else where.Now that internet usage is going to be charged by data volume in many countries this will be the future.