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    Singplayer App always has problems!


      When I first got my Slingbox the Desktop app for windows would always work (I have windows 7).


      Then a while back i began to have issues where i would start the application and the it would stay on the initial screen that says Slingbox (black screen with the letters) and it would never fully load. And eventually the window would say "Not Responding".


      So I would have to force close it and then re-try to open it several times.....sometimes this worked and it would fully load for some reason.


      Other times I would go as far as uninstalling the app and then reinstalling it and once again ... sometimes that worked.


      I even tried troubleshooting compatibility and have windows try to detect and fix the issue and this ... sometimes works.


      but the majority of the time i could never get the slingplayer app to work.



      Is there any way to get it to work. Or can someone at Slingbox actually help me out or update their desktop app. I noticed it has been the same version for a long long time.


      BTW its not my slingbox becuase I can get it to work on my Andriod phone app and the funny part is it used to work on my Andriod tablet app and guess what... now the tablet app is having issues.



      Is there anyone that can help me out with this!


      Thank you.