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    DVBLink on Synology together with  Slingbox 350




      i  have a synology with DVBlink installed and I  want to  use the slingbox as a TV source for the DVBLink


      I have also asked DVBLogic of this is possible

      Here the answer of DVBLogic

      . But if you may get an IPTV m3u list form ithe slingbox or if it supports the sat2ip standard.

      Then you definitely may use it with the dvblink server. Otherwise , unfortunately, there is no way to get a stream from that box to dvblink.

      I want to  buffer the content from  the Slingbox.As my Slingbox is in Belgium and the synolgy is in Portugal  and the internet connection is not always reliable

      With DVBlink I  can store the videocontent on the NAS and I  can watch it later locally


      Is it possible to  get an IPTV mu3 list from  the Slingbox

      Is there someone who  has some experience with  this

      Or ,is there another way  to  do this

      Thanks in advance for  the help.