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    ERROR while connecting to mobile devices possible solution


      Greetings peeps, just a few days ago my sling app on my android phone and tablet was not able to connect. Have been fine for 5 months till now. error " cant find internet blah blah". However it was working with my wifi at home and work, just not on a mobile network. After 3 days of research on this site and many other forums i may have found a solution.


      If you are running a modem and bridging a router this may work for you.


      I have Verizon DSL ( Modem) and a Linksys router ( I use VOIP for this)


      Slingbox tech support is correct when they say manually change the port to 5001 inbound and 5001 for outbound but the IP address that is generated when you are in internet viewing setup may be incorrect. Example it gave me an address of


      My steps


      1) Enter Modem settings ( yours may be different) enter user and password / just look at your IP mines is

      2) Enter Router settings ( yours may be different) enter user and password/  go into port forward tab , enter name slingbox port forward in 5001 and out 5001 then IP of   MODEM.

      3) Enter sling player on desktop and go through setup and in internet viewing settings enter and edit the IP address of Modem making sure port is set to 5001.


      4) All 3 should be the same.


      I was always able to view on my mobile devices and never had to set it up this way till now. Some modems allow you to also set a port forward so look at your Modem settings and manually enter in your IP and 5001 ports.

      Hope this helps out.