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    new location, new router, old slingbox, no good


      ill try to keep it short and sweet.


      I have a slingbox solo it used to work without and problems, my computer set it up on the initial setup and worked for months.

      now I changed my router, did soft and hard resets of the slingbox, but when I go to watch it now it shows as unconfigured.

      when I go to configure it, it does detect the sling box tells me that my sling box is up to date, then asks for password and password confirmation.

      no problem up to this point.

      then it continues to video source... the video will come up for a second or 2 then it freezes and the slingbox starts flashing as it does for a reset.

      it then tells me that the administrative password is no good and to retry it.

      when I do, the cycle starts all over again.

      I have tried resets, rebooting the computer, rebooting the wireless router, but to no avail.


      can someone please help.