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    No Audio with New Slingbox PRO HD; No Remote on Internet


      I have two problems on which I've spent about 8 hours total over the past two days and had two chats with a live Slingbox rep, none of which has yielded anything productive. I've also searched extensively through Sling's support sections and Google and can't find answers to my problem. And I've already done everything at this troubleshooting list: http://support.slingbox.com/get/KB-5000245.html.


      Audio Problem

      I have a new Slingbox PRO HD that I've hooked up to my Tivo HD XL. I use a Macbook.


      Video streams fine to both the Sling desktop software and slingbox.com. However, audio does not stream to either one. There is definitely an audio feed because there is a very loud hiss and clicking noise in both the desktop and internet software, but no audio from the programs that are on screen. The audio works fine on the TV itself, and all my other audio on my computer is functional.


      I use the composite pass-through video connections from Tivo --> Slingbox --> TV.

      I use the analog audio (red-white) pass-through connection from Tivo --> Slingbox --> TV.


      Remote Problem

      My Tivo model is not listed as supported, but choosing "Other" and "Code 1" in the desktop software for Mac gives me the correct remote that works.


      However, the slingbox.com setup doesn't give me any remote that works, and I've tried every single Tivo model listed (even ones obviously not my Tivo).


      I was told by the Sling customer service rep that I was out of luck and needed to get a custom code from Tivo, install that software on my computer, and upload it into the Sling Setup. That's a lot of nonsense to me because I'm not a Sling employee, so I have no idea what he's talking about and my lengthy efforts to get an explanation from him yielded nothing.


      The really odd thing is that selecting "Other" and "Code 1" - which worked perfectly for the desktop software - did NOT work in the slingbox.com setup, which makes me wonder about the consistency of the software and product. Why would it work one place and not the other?



      So right now I have a really heavy paperweight b/c this thing is useless without audio. I won't buy the iPad or iPhone apps until I know the audio is going to work.