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    Remotely Control TV


      Can I use a slingbox to remotely control a tv?

      This is total overkill, but it will seriously save me tons of time and money. 
      Here's my scenario, my mom lives 2 hours away, she has dish network hooked up to a new LCD tv.  Every now and then, she accidentally turns the tv to the wrong input or accidentally turns off the dish network.  She has a pretty bad case of techphobia, so when things go out of sync, she can't get the tv and dish network to start working properly.
      This causes me to have to drive 2 hours roundtrip to put her tv on the right channel/input, and make sure the tv and dish network box are synced to turn on/off together.  I'd love to put a slingbox in the room so I can provide "tech support" from wherever I am.  I could tune into the tv's output to make sure it's on the right channel, etc., then tune into the dish and do the same.  Is this possible w/ a slingbox?
      If not, does anyone have any ideas?
      Thanks in advance.
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          alanrichey42 Master

          Can't think of any reason why this shouldn't work,

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              Ha, ha, I have about 10 different people (family/friends/old folks) in 10 different towns that I have to support this way.  Sometimes I can talk them through it over the phone if they're not too totally lame.  I've often thought the best way to do this is to have a tech support partner in each town.  You'll help their friends/family in your town and they'll help yours.  Someone should set up a website for this.  Hey, I just had an idea!   Or, just troll for a partner on craigslist?

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              dbsguy Apprentice

              Actually a slingbox won't control a tv. You can however control the dishnetwork receiver in all it's glory.


              What I'd recommend is buying and programming a logitech harmony remote to operate her equipment. You can set up an activity that will ALWAYS get things back on track.


              You can have it turn on the tv, change to the correct input for the dishnet receiver, turn on the dishnetwork receiver, tune to her favorite channel all with 1 button. If things ever got out of sync, then all she would have to do is turn everything off and press the on acivity again to get things back on track.