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    Your Slingbox has been disconnected because of a poor Internet connection. Try connecting again.  W202


          Starting receiving this error two days ago.  I've had various issues since the update for Mac (having to view through my browser as opposed to the standalone app)--broswer crashing constantly after connecting to watch.slingbox.com.  Everything was fine with the standalone player, but it just had to be messed with.


      Quick specs:


      Macbook Pro (Intel) running 10.6.5

      Firefox 3.6.13

      Slingbox SOLO

      Comcast High-Speed connection (just ran speed test--19.07 Down, 8.31 Up)


      I connect to my slingbox only to have it disconnect within about 2 seconds (literally 2 secs).  In fact, when these issues started it used to stay connected for about 30 seconds (it would show a fairly healthy connection 1500-2000kbps), and then disconnect showing the error message above.  Now I'm lucky to be connected for two secs (get up to around 950kbps) before being droppped.  Both lights solid red on Slingbox.


      I checked my connection speed several times (speed noted above).  No issue there.  In fact, I'm able to stream videos from YouTube, etc. with no problem whatsoever.  As a test, I connected from my iPhone (using the iPhone app of course) via 3G (read:  TURNED OFF my WiFi connection), and ran into the same problem---disconnected after about two seconds.  I've also attempted to connect via iPhone using WiFi outside of my home network...no go.  Tried connecting through my iPad via WiFi...no go.


      Just to appease anyone who might read this (e.g.-moderators), I did go through the troubleshooting steps suggested by Sling.  That, of course, did not help in the least.


      I've owned a slingbox for YEARS now (had the classic, changed to the SOLO May 2010).  I've never had to contact techincal support for anything so I had no idea that you had to PAY for it (no offense to the SLING employees who read this but---what a ripoff).  I've been reading the forums and have noticed many people are having issues with the SOLO.  I'm not passing judgement yet, but all signs point to a hardware issue.


      Anyone reading this (read: moderators) have ANY idea on just what the $%#@! is going on?  Anyone?