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    Slingbox useless w/o Internet even on LAN


      I have a slingbox 350.  Here are the problems I have - maybe someone can help me out


      It HAS to have an internet connection to work, even if I am just streaming from downstairs to upstairs.  At home I do not have a cable box upstairs, so we set up a slingbox to stream the cable signal from a DVR to the computer upstairs.  EVERYTHING should be on the local LAN.  But it doesn't really work that way.


      First of all about a month ago the desktop software just stopped working.  It forced me to use a browser and go to slingbox.com to watch, which is effing ridiculous (not to mention it is WAY more choppy video and the screen blanks out a LOT).  I couldn't find a new version of the desktop software anywhere on the site.  So basically, if the Internet goes down, I am screwed.  Yay!  Well thought out, Slingbox!


      Even when we were able to use the desktop software we had to have an Internet connection!  While the streaming itself would work over the LAN, the desktop software STILL have to connect to the Internet and login/verify the account before streaming would start.  So even with the desktop app if the Internet went down we were screwed


      Why is this?  Why does it force logging in?  To ensure the we are not stealing someone’s sling box  or something?  Tp prove that we are authorized?  The presence of the hardware itself should negate the need for any authentication mechanisms.


      So basically no matter what, if the Internet is down the Slingbox is not usable, which is ridiculous.


      Is there a version of the desktop software for Windows 10 that will work with my 350 that does NOT require logging into the sling box account online before starting a stream?  Any other work arounds to this issue?


      On a related note…  Why is it that when I press a button on the on-screen remote it takes a good 5-10 seconds for that to actually happen on the screen?  I realize that the remote signal must be sent to the Slingbox and Xmitted out via the IR Xmitter.  That should take all of 1/2 a second.  Then the cable box must change the channel and then stream it up.  I wouldn’t think that this would take about 5 seconds?



And if I press pause on the remote/DVR to pause what I am playing, everything gets screwed up when I attempt to resume playing.  Often I will hit Play to resume and the DVR will suddenly jump forward past everything that I paused.  It doesn’t do this when I am physically at the DVR.  I can only imagine that some extra IR signals are sent with the Play/Resume IR signal?  It’s a problem.  Anyone else encounter this?