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    Slingcatcher Question

    adbuckster Newbie

      I know I'm probably wasting even more of my time, but here goes.  First, it is apparent that there is absolutely no support out there for any slingmedia products, and buyers are pretty much left out in the cold.  I have noticed that no one ever gets a helpful answer to their questions on these forums.  But, I'll try one more time anyway:

      The location where the slingbox is located recently changed ISP, from cable to DSL.  Slingplayer and slingbox.com/watch both now show a slightly faster download speed than before this change.  When we finally got the slingcatcher to work with the new setup, it, too, showed an increase.  But, now it only works for about five - ten minutes, and then freezes.  I have to disconnect and reconnect in order to get back to whatever it was I wanted to watch.


      We have reconfigured the slingbox twice, and gone over everything we can think of.  My conclusion is that slingmedia simply is no longer interested in supporting any of their products, otherwise we could find some solutions or at least meaningful FAQs (beyond how to set up) somewhere.


      So, what is to be done?  What is causing this to happen?  How can the speed be faster than before, but now it won't stay at a constant speed?




      Oh, yeah:  one more thing....am I the only one who is flooded by emails every time somebody posts to these forums, but never an email that might apply to my own posts???!!!


      Come on, Slingmedia!!!!

      you're losing us.......

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          I CAN NOT agree with you MORE!!! We have had ours up and running slinging from KC to Tokyo now for a year. We did have problems at first, but thankfully my daughter knows how to re-set the **** thing at her house, when we do have problems. We USED to have to go through Slingmedia.com support, and I even PAID 50 BUCKS to have them help me---(6 mths is all the 'free' time they give you for support"}  I totally agree with you if there were some other company that came out with this system I would JUMP to it in a heart beat. Their customer service is terrible, and practically non existent.

          I know I am not helping you,, but there are others out here that agree.


          I can try it,,, COME ON SLING MEDIA,,, step up and help ?? !!



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            Hi adbuckster,


            Here you can check some links from the website about the SlingCatcher..


            SlingCatcher information


            My SlingCatcher won't stream at speeds above 200-300 Kbps. It's also slow to respond to remote control commands. What can I do about this?


            SlingCatcher freezes after streaming video from a Slingbox for a long, long time


            Also, make sure about a hardwired connection between the SlingCatcher and the router, also, you can test the connection from a different network.


            Besides that, you can always contact the SlingMedia Technical Support to receive support over the phone or chat.


            Contact the Sling Media Technical Support

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                adbuckster Newbie

                Here's where I am today.  I have disconnected the Slingcatcher totally.   Forget it.  It will not work for more than a few minutes before  freezing.  The software suggestion is laughable, since the software has  not been updated by Slingmedia in more than two years!!!!  I can watch  TV on my PC, with either slingplayer or slingbox.com/watch, so I went  ahead and connected my laptop via the VGA connection, and can use that  either hardwired (per the Cat5 cable that I use for the slingcatcher),  or wireless.  That tells me my network is sound.  There is no freezing.  No burps.  No problems.  So, I have no  choice but to conclude that the slingcatcher is defective, and here I am  stuck in Costa Rica, with no helpful information out there.  I am very  sorry that I bothered with slingbox in the first place, because it has  been a constant hassle for me since I first started using it.  And, please don't tell me to call Slingbox help, since I can no longer afford either their charges or the long distance call.

                I just marvel that this piece of equipment could have been out there so long, with no need for any sort of firmware updates.  But, didn't I see somewhere that the slingcatcher is no longer offered for sale?  So, that means no support anyway.

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                smclouse Newbie

                I have had similar problems in the past.  Currently my two slingcatchers at this location are both asking me to log in, but not accepting my e-mail address or password.  They both continue to function however in conjunction with the slingprojector software on my laptop.  I know this is not a solution but it is a useful workaround until a real solution can be found.

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                    I hear you,,,, I think slingcatcher company has TOTALLY dropped the ball on this fantastic invention. I feel your pain, and must say mine is working fine now Tokyo to USA,, but it is very very frustrating when it does not work. I must tell you I had a big software update about a month ago,, not sure why you did not get it,, perhaps you should delve into that a little more. If your slingcatcher come up,,, there is a place --I am sure you know, but just in case--to go for a software update on screen. However the last time I updated now my fast forward 'a little bit' button does not work on my control,,, the backwards one does??!! Makes no sense!!

                    I sure wish some other company would come out with a BETTER SLINGCATCHER, and am surprised some one has not. If any one hears of it,, please post on here, cause I think THIS slingcatcher company is TERRIBLE!!!


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                      callanish Apprentice


                      Mine also had this login problem just tonight. I reset my sling account password, changed it to something else, resigned into the slingcatcher and now it recognizes my login. I'll check it again tomorrow to see if the catcher keeps the login info and password in memory, but this is the first time its done this in the close to 2 years I've owned it.

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                        A few months ago my slingcatcher would not log into my account. I found out that I needed to change my password to make it work. It seems it no longer wanted to allow a dash (-) in the password. Nice to let us know that they would make changes that break us and not mention it at all.