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    co,puter rebooting when trying to use slingbox player


      Hi all first post have been using a slingbox classic without problem on my desktop running windows 7 no problems. My computer crashed (not related to slingbox) and has had to go back to supplier. Have tried to use my backup computer running wndows XP (up to date on windows upgrade) but on firefox, iE8 and the desktop version of slingplayer the computer just reboots (this is just as if power has been shout down and switched on not a computer restart) I have tried a reset of slingbox and install of firmware(not sure if this worked as though it went through the update process nothing came on screen to say update sucessfull.


      PC still just restarts when I try slingplayer.


      If someone wants me to try something please give me instructions while not a computer wize kid I do have this PC on backup and can restore in about 1 hour.