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    Slingbox won't connect anymore at home


      I think my Slingbox has fried itself.


      When I turn it on, it won't pull an IP from DHCP.  I verify this by looking at my router's DHCP tables and I only see my computer and my wife's computer listed.  So when I launch Sling Player, it won't connect to the Slingbox.


      What's really odd is that the Slingbox will answer pings at its last known address (I had previously noticed it always is assigned  I can verify that the Slingbox is indeed at because when I unplug it, the device at stops responding to pings.


      It seems like that's it for my Slingbox, but I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas as to what I can do.  Thanks.

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          I can't get my Slingbox to connect to my router either. The network light doesn,t come on but the middle light flashes ever minute or two.

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              I have just discovered the same problem.  Never a probem, but the network lgiht does not come on the Slingbox Pro.  I'm with Sky Broadband, using their router, has some block been introduced through the Router?? So frustrating I've been an advocate of Slingbox.  But constant problems, not least with my Slingcatcher as well.  Fed up with it really.  I will certainly not be recommending as I have done in the past.  Slingbox must improve their act!!

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              i just noticed my slingbox pro has done the same thing... no network light.. it did it before for a couple months ago for a few days then just came back on... don't really know what is on.  tried to power cycle nothing has worked so far....


              and ya have problems with my catcher as well... thanks for launching  product and then dropping it after one update...


              i work away from home 3 weeks out of every month soo i rely heavily on my sling...


              i hate to say it ever since dish-net bought sling it has gone to pot.. no support for any products..

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                Hi rufusmccoot.


                If you are still experiencing issues with the network light of your Slingbox, try the following link:


                The Network light on your Slingbox is off


                Here you will find additional troubleshooting steps that can help you on this situation.


                Best regards.