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    Cannot work with less than 500k bandwidth?


      What kind of bull is that?


      Why would the Iphone be able to do it and not the iPad? I'm just as mobile with my iPad. I need it to work with NORMAL internet speeds.


      I want my money back for this purchase so I can get the iPhone version. I cannot view a stream on my iPad outside of my home. What do I need an iPad player for if I'm only going to be at home. This is highly infuriating. The only problem with Slingbox is its Apple app support.


      Seriously $30 freaking dollars and it is so limited as to require a great connection? This was NOT clearly stated in my opinion. An answer to a FAQ at the bottom of the page is not clearly stated. This is such an issue as to BREAK the application's true purpose that it should of been front and center.


      If this isn't resolved I will quickly return the entire purchase.

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          jjimedstein Newbie

          So you bought the wrong device if you wanted to stream properly to an IPad. I doubt sling will refund your money for the Iphone app though.


          There are other companies whose placeshifting devices do have IPad apps... and the Iphone and Ipad apps are free.


          Stick with the sling though they will probable get around to a proper app sooner or later