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    PLS HELP - sling works at home but not overseas


         Hi all, I would really appreciate any SlingBox experts to help me out on this.  I have a Slingbox SOLO, Software Version: 2.1.110, I work in the UK, and my SlingBox is back home in the US.  I've been using it via SlingPlayer on my laptop (running Windows Vista) for almost a year without any issues until last month when I opend SlingPlayer, it connected but just stays at "Optimizing" with the stream rate at "0kps" and obviousl I don't get anything.  I thought the cable box was turned off or something run w/ TV/cable connection, I tried to activate the remote, and use it to turn on the TV etc, nothing works.  Shortly after, the SlingPlayer disconnects saying "There was a problem communicating with the Slingbox. Try connecting Again". My family back home said the box and the TV/cable it's hooked all seems fine.


      When I went back home during Christmas break, I checked the SlingPlayer / SlingBox, and it was working beautifully, even streaming video at 1200-1800kps (guess it's expected since my laptop's back on the same home network as the SlingBox).  However, when I'm now back in the UK, I'm once again not able to get it to work.


      Here's the details on the error when I click on the "tell me more" under the error message.



      • Error: 0x92340011
      • Context: 46
      • Operation:1


      Looks like there's a problem:


      The operation failed because it was taking too long to finish.

      [Advanced users: the error code is 0x92340011.]


      Here are some possible reasons why this happened. This information may help  you troubleshoot the problem.

      SlingPlayer is unable to render the video stream.

      The operation has failed.



      So, can any experts on these forums please help me? The SlingBox and SlingPlayer obviously works since it was working fine at home.  Now that I'm away again, I would really like to get it working again, even at the normal 350-500kps rate!  [PLEASE NOTE: I also cannot view my Slingbox via the Slingbox.com webwatch function, it simply says "There was an error connecting to your Slingbox. Please try again. Do you want to retry?" Does this mean there's an issue with my firewall or broadband connection?]


      All thoughts and guidance on this is greatly welcomed. Many thanks in advance for all your help!