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    Remote issues, betaremotes no longer supported?


      So I have an Amino Aminet A130 set top box that slingbox doesn't support, my only option so far has been to use betaremotes.slingbox.com to learn the IR codes and use a custom remote.  This has worked decently, as the slingbox at least once every 2 weeks seems to forget its remote config and I have to set it back up.  This hasn't been too bad as I have the custom remote file saved to my hard drive and can import it relatively easily, even though it's still extremely annoying.


      So the forgotten config happened again recently and upon trying to set it back up in betaremotes.slingbox.com, I now get the message "This Slingbox does not support learning new remote codes."  WTH, I know it supports it because I've used it for the last 3 months.  Anyone have any suggestions before I just put this thing on ebay to ease my frustrations?