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    Communication Status Critical??

    indychris Newbie

      Each time I log into the support page for my Pro HD I see a message that states my 'communication status' is 'critical'. Additionally, it shows that my SB was last accessed in August. Nonetheless, my SB Pro HD works just fine both at home on my local network as well as when out and about on my laptop, other people's pc's and on my iPad.


      Can anyone suggest why my online status would show up as critical when my Pro HD obviously works?

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          jjimedstein Newbie

          This comes from sling medias server crash last year when thousands of people had problem connecting for nearly a month.


          I have boxes telling me not conencted since March last year.


          Factory reset your slingbox ( if you dare and hope you wont need a firmware upgrade as that often bricks slings ) or just live with the incorrect message

          from sling.


          Me, don't fix what aint broke with slings... just ignore the message.