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    can't change channels on itouch


      Just bought and set up my Slingbox Pro-HD and it works fine with my laptop. I'm using the IR to change channels on my cable box.


      When I use my ipod touch slingplayer app I can see and hear the TV, but the remote will not let me change channels.  I used to have the Slingbox solo that I used when I purchased the slingplayer app and it worked fine.


      Can anyone tell me how to resolve this?

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          I found the problem.  When I did my initial set up with the IR sensors I taped them in place and they worked.  Over night the tape came loose and the sensor was no longer in front of the cable box sensor.  Therefore the signal to change the channel was not seen by the cable box.


          Sounds like a simple mistake to make.  Be sure to secure the IR Sensor so that it does not move or fall off.  Take it from me.