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    slingbox solo freezes constantly...trouble communicating with slingbox error


      I have had my slingbox solo for about two years, and for a year and a half I had no problems at all.  Now for about four to 5 months or more I have had the problems that a lot of other solo owners have had lately.  It run for about 10 to 15 minutes then freezes with the trouble communicating with slingbox error.  I reconnect and it happens again after about 5 minutes or somtimes shorter time.  This problem makes it impossble to use.  I'm an airline pilot and I use my slingbox when I'm out of the country, and for the year and half that it worked great I raived about the slingbox and I got many of the other pilots interested in the device and several that I see often even went and bought a slingbox on my recommendation.


      Please....please resolve this problem quickly...i tried all of the recommendations but it is still doing the same thing.