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    Slingbox #1 not working, #2 working fine..Sling box #1 missing internet light


      I have two slingbox Pro-HD and both have been working flawlessly for over a year, perhaps longer, not sure at the moment. I also have and use slingmobile.  Slingbox #1 (Living Room) has only one light lit up in the lower right hand corner and it is the power light, the internet light is not lighting up.  Slingbox #2 in my office and "down the line" from Slingbox #1 and is working fine. Slingbox #1 is connected to a box which  is also feeding my DirecTV DVR and my Playstation III and both are working fine with the internet.  I've tried resetting my slingbox by holding down the reset button for 30 second (it says to only do it for 5 second, but nothing happened) and nothing happened after 30 seconds either.  Right now the Slingbox is lit up in the middle (upside horseshoe shape in the middle) and the power light is on, but again not the internet light.  I've also tried replacing CAT5 cords and tried connecting to another slot in the back of the box.  Nothing works.  Any ideas?