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    suddenly no more video/audio -app works but just scramble


      I have a Solo, iphone app, ipad app and Win7/IE8. All with the latest firmwares and versions incl. all windows updates.

      Connected to a dedicated Samsun DCB9401 cablebox.

      Was a totally happy camper until last week.

      All worked perfectly- iphone, ipad over wifi and 3G, Win7/IE on fixed lan, wifi, 3g.


      Suddenly NONE of these 3 work anymore.

      All connect, all start the player, all change the channels from the cable box (I do get the EPG info in my screen).

      All have no AUDIO except for some scramble.


      I totally lost all PICTURE on all my slingbox apps. iphone, ipad and Windows7/IE.

      I can login, I see the channel change / EPG from the Samsung cable box. I sometimes see subtitles. but I don't see video anymore. Black screen. It worked perfectly not too long ago. Only thing that changed is the new iphone/ipad apps but those worked fine too before.


      turning solo and/or samsung on/off does not help.

      reinstall of apps does not help.

      haven't tried a full reset yet (since that will require me to do the install again... grrrr bother)



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          Hi, ACC1245966


          We encourage you to check if the resolution on your cable box was modified. Keep in mind that the Slingbox SOLO has HD component input support with resolution up to 1080i. If your box resolution is higher than that, you will not get the video signal.


          Make sure to check the settings on your Samsung cable box and adjust them to your Slingbox requirements.


          Tech Specs for the Slingbox SOLO

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              I tried a reset of the Solo this weekend.

              unfortunately NO effect.


              Still same:

              - all has worked before, nothing changed

              - tried PC, laptop, iphone, ipad. None work / all the same problem

              - No error message, the player claims it is streaming / buffering.

              - I DO GET

              a. the start up screen of the Samsung (SD) cable box. I can turn the cable box on and off with the Slingplayer remote, it turns off nicely and turns on again if I press the virtual remote ON button.  After that i DO SEE the cable box start up screen (samsung logo).

              b. I DO GET the EPG / Guide info in the player screen when I switch channels (like it should be, the guide info, channel, channel strenght)

              c. I DO GET subtitles (on a black screen)

              d. sometimes, I get scrambles audio, sometimes nothing.


              I really have no idea, please help.


              made a video - same effect on ipad or iphone.


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              possible firmware update on your cable box.  try using component cables rather than hdmi.... this is how i am forced to use my slingbox with my current cable box.  if I use hdmi i get no video.  <-- this was with my scientific atlantic box... now with my samsung box (using component cables) i get only video, no sound.  blows.