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    Slingbox PRO-HD & SlingLink


      I just got a Slingbox PRO-HD to replace an older Slingbox PRO that I've had since 2007 and was no longer working.  I had been using the SlingLink that plugs directly into the power outlet to network to my router in another room with the older Slingbox.  I'm trying to set up the new PRO-HD with the same SlingLink and it isn't showing any connectivity to the network.  Should the SlingLink that plugs into an outlet work with the newer Slingbox PRO-HD or will the PRO-HD only work with the SlingLink Turbo?  I was hoping the PRO-HD would not require a new SlingLink and before I go that route, I want to identify if it is suppose to work with the older version of the Slinglink.  Any help is appreciated.....