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    Slingplayer Mac No longer works... stuck at "Starting Stream..."


      I have a SlingBoxAV which has worked well for me for the last few years.


      Suddenly, I cannot get SlingPlayer to work.  It sees my slingbox via the LAN, says it's connected, loads my custom channel preset icons and says "Starting Stream...." forever...


      I can, however connect with the iPhone app.. and I can see video and hear audio with the setup assistant.


      I've tried deleting the prefs file for the application, no go.  Not really sure what else to do.  Thanks for any help you can provide.

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          Yo folks!  I am in the exact same situation worked well forever works on my iphone but now stuck at starting stream.... HELP Slingbox people your stuff has been wonderful but now is not working buyer beware!

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            this definitely has to do with 64 bit. the new unibody macs quad core and new duals run in 64 bit mode, you can see this if you go to the apple and click "about this mac" then click on "more info" then click "software" in the left side of the window that opens and look to the right you will see "64-bit kernal extensions" Yes or No, you will see if you are in 64 bit mode. if you want your sling to operate correctly you need to be in 32 bit mode unfortunately. this is a problem with the software not apple or mac, sling needs a update badly.


            the fix for this is to boot into 32 bit mode by holding down the "3" and "2" keys when starting your machine, then going thru the same way to find 64 bit you should now see "No" in the 64 bit extensions area.


            your sling will run fine in 32 bit mode but you will lose the speed of 64 bit mode but your sling will work. this fix works for many apps that crash your machine or just crash the app in 64. its unfortunate but hardware manufacturers are notoriously slow updating their software and lazy.


            hope this helps