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    Verizon Fios Router blocking connection


      Hi experts - I have a Slingbox HD hooked up on Verizon FIOS.  My connections are:

      - Fios Motorola Box to Slingbox

      - Slingbox to Slinglink

      - Slinglink to Verizon Fios Router (Actiontec, I believe MI424WR)


      While everything works fine on the local network, it is not working properly from outside the network.  I can succefully access the slingbox remotely, watch it for a period between 2 mins up to 15 mins, but then my connection speed goes down to 0kbs.


      It is annoying, because I end up reconnecting over and over.


      Port forwarding looks fine.  I checked the router settings, and port 5001 is forwarded correctly.


      Any suggestions? 


      I believe that the issue is in the router...this seems like a typical firewall shouting down ports.