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    Why did the network connection error start now?


      Ok, so I have the network error connection on my slingplayer.  I have read about port forwarding, firmware and IP adresses, but have not changed them yet as the box is at a friend's house who is very busy.  The question I have is:  Why after almost two years is this happening now?  There was no change on the Slingbox, Sling Catcher or router configurations.  I   would really like to understand what happened.  Can anyone explain it?  Was it a server change at Slingbox?  Can they fix it remotely, if I pay the support fee?

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          I have seen the same thing start about 2 days ago.  My slingbox still works on my computer but my SlingCatcher says "Sorry, SlingCatcher could not connet to this Slingbox due to a network error.  Please try again."   When I unplugged it from the network it said that the network was not connected and when I plugged it back in it recognizes the network and it shows that it is logged in.  Any help?????

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            alano Newbie

            I too have this problem every now and then.  The solution is always the same...


            At the Slingbox end, connect a PC, start up SlingPlayer, and run Network Setup Assistant.  This will: (a) freshly configure Port Forwarding on your router and; (b) update your Internet Viewing record on Sling Media's server.


            VERY IMPORTANT OBSERVATION... when running Network Setup Assistant, be very sure to run the "Test Your Connection" bit (or whatever it's called) once the router has been configured - as this seems to be the stage that updates the crucial Internet Viewing record on Sling Media's server, used by SlingCatcher.


            SlingPlayer and SingCatcher work in very different ways.  SlingPlayer will work even if the record on Sling Media's server becomes corrupt/out-of-date.  SlingCatcher will not!


            I attribute the occasional failure of SlingCatcher simply to my Internet Viewing record on Sling Media's server becoming corrupt/out-of-date.


            Hope that helps someone.