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    IR Blaster stopped working - SlingPlayer - Tivo Serries 3


      My IR Blaster stopped working.


      I have software SlingPlayer with a Tivo Serries 3.


      I did a factory reset on the Slingbox PRO-HD.  And I did a complete uninstall then reinstall of the software.


      I unpluged and plugged back in the IR blaster.  It is in the correct position, I have used it with the setup since the day 1 of hardware release.


      If I push the Tivo button like 10-15 times, it will work.  When I am on the main tivo menu and push down once, it zooms past all the entries and goes to the last on the list.  Same with up, push it once, and it will fly upwards to the top.


      I have IP tivo remote on my andriod phone the works perfect.  The new Tivo bluetooth remote works perfect.


      Anyone know what I can test next?



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          Also I have tested this on the Mac and iPhone software.  They also don't seem to work in the same way.


          Tested the IR blaster using my digital camera, all 4 diods look like they light up correctly.


          The weird part is that if I push up or down button just once, it zips past all the menu items like I was holding down the button.


          WOW>...  I just figured it out..  I unpluged the power from my new google TV.


          It had a IR blaster I put next to the slingbox's blasters....  somehow the google tv IR blaster is interferaring with the slingbox.


          With the google tv powered off I get no issues....


          can anyone explain this?