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    Picture Quality




      I recently got my Sling Adapter for my Dish Network DVR. Everything is setup and it works great when the connection is great. I travel a lot (within US) and in some of the hotels the Wireless Network (provided my the hotel), even though high speed, the connection is patchy and not the best at all times. The network speed in my house (upload speed of 6 mbps) is great. Is there anywaty for me to Cache the streaming Video, so I can buffer it on my laptop and watch it when it's cached so the picture quality is better? Is there any other way to make the streaming picture quality on the laptop (Vista using IE 8) better? Thanks for your help!!!

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          Hi 255909641728099,


          While Sling Media is associated with the development of this product (Sling Adapter), it's supported by DISH Network. So, if you have questions or need support for this product, call the friendly experts at DISH Customer Support. Their toll-free phone number is 1-888-686-2388.