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    IPAD+VPN = Fail


      I have an Ipad behind a personal VPN with a quick connection.  A speed test reveals around 6mbits d/l, even with the VPN on.  The problem is, I can never get a high quality picture from Slingplayer with the VPN on, and the bandwidth for Slingplayer always hovers around 450kb.  The second I turn off the VPN and launch Slingplayer I get a full quality picture, with a rate over 1000kb/sec.


      I've tried multiple VPN servers near my location, but always get the same result.  The problem is, I can't turn the VPN off because I need my business email to be pushed in an encrypted fashion.


      Any resolution to this problem"?

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          Bump.  I even upgraded my internet connection to 18Mbit/1.5Mbit and the Ipad Slingplayer still won't receive above 500k when I'm behind a VPN.  When I speed test, I'm getting around 12 Mbit/sec behind the vpn.


          This is a bug, but nobody is answering.  I can't turn my VPN off because then my emails would be coming in unencrypted.