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    PRO-HD with multiple cable boxes (channel issue)


      So I have my PRO-HD connected to to my main cable box (via component cable), and then a coax input connected for the alternate over the air channels.  Everything is finally working fine.


      My question is in regards to replacing the coax input with another cable box.  I have an extra cable box, and I hooked it up to the coax input (between the wall and the input), and it worked and I got a lot more channels on the alternate input than just over the air channels.


      BUT....since the cable boxes are similar, the remotes work for both boxes, so when I watch the alternate cable box, and change the channel, it changes the main tv channel too, since the IR goes to both boxes.


      I'd love to be able to keep them hooked up this way, so there a lot more channel options on the extra input, so you aren't limited to only the 10 main over the air channels, but I can't think of a way to keep both boxes from changing channels together.


      any ideas?