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    On home network iPad is great, laptop and Mac Mini are choppy


      I can use my iPad well on the home network, but my MacBook Pro 2.4 Ghz w/ 4G ram and a Mac Mini 2.4 w/ 2G are both too choppy to watch it on - using either the web based app or the downloaded app.  I've monitored cpu, etc., and there (as would be expected) is no saturation, plenty of memory left over.  On the iPad, which has much less horsepower, it's easy to watch with zero problems even at HD resolution.  Ideas on the issue?  It's the same network, I've turned off the firewall on each box to eliminate that as an option, etc.  No luck.  The Mac Mini is new, so it doesn't have any software or even virus software on it yet beyond this.  I want to keep the variables low until this gets resolved.  Thx